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The history of our company dates back to 1958 when its origin was a family business run by his grandfather and father of the current head of the company. From the beginning the company was associated with the metal producing industry metal fancy goods. 

The current owner of Arkadiusz Bieganski from an early age he accompanied his father and actively participate in all aspects of the business. Gained valuable experience over the years has used Arkadiusz Bieganski and in 1995 launched his own company called Armet PPHU


Company Profile

Since the beginning of the owner's ambition was to create a wide variety of furniture accessories. The result is the current offer of the company, which includes lifts, racks, carts, furniture, as well as corrugated springs, hooks, plastic and PVC, rollers, hinges and other small metal accessories.

Many years of experience, thoughtful decisions and allow the energy to run our business for continuous development. Optimization of technological processes, attention to modernization of machinery, custom powder paint shops, tool that allows product tooling, as well as the professionalism of our highly-skilled workers are the factors that distinguish us, allow us to meet the most demanding projects, and determine our position in the market stable upholstered furniture manufacturers in Europe.

Our advantage is own transport due to its reach to all our customers, and are these factories, wholesalers furniture, as well as individual clients.

Continually expanding our network coverage of national and international sales through its own wholesale business run ..


New company 

In our work we focus on professionalism and individual approach to the customer. The requirements of our industry to continuously improve the technology and find new solutions for our customers led us to where we create for your new business :
Furniture Fittings Factory ARMET New Solutions.

The main task of the newly created division of the company is working designers, engineers and technologists, whose task will be to create new solutions for the production of upholstered furniture. Own department and tool implementation allows us to projects designed, innovative design.  

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